Everyone is talking about innovation. Disruptive is the new buzz word in business. But how do you innovate? What happens if your once innovative product or service is now old hat?

Innovation requires creativity. Creativity is like a muscle. If you don’t use it, that muscle weakens and when you need to draw upon it you are unable to.

IDI helps leaders ignite the innovation engine. You have the expertise and the knowledge. We teach you how to apply that in different ways. Our approach to coaching leaders helps take them from being too focused in the business to a level where they can begin to see new possibilities. IDI will also help you tap into the talent within your workforce. This produces greater employee engagement along with more meaningful interactions between leaders and their teams. Virtually any business can be innovative if they learn the proper techniques.

Who should consider:
Companies whose revenues are flat
Businesses in competitive industries
Employees or leaders who lack motivation
Leaders seeking new markets for expansion
Companies struggling with critical problem solving

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