There had to be a better way…

InVision started as an observation. Why did some companies excel while a majority did not? And why did companies that were even considered great places to work experience the same issues as less desirable workplaces? This was Dan’s experience in leadership. He had worked for many great businesses and they all struggled with similar challenges.

In 2005, Dan was nearing the four year anniversary mark working for a large catalog and online apparel company. Having catalogued more than 15 years in business, he had built a talent for developing people to perform at higher levels. Though he made many mistakes along the way and at times would consider his own leadership suspect, he managed to learn what it took to build great teams while boosting sales and profits.

Now Dan was struggling with another challenge: a merger. Change is pretty much guaranteed whenever two large companies come together and this was no exception. Prior to inking the deal a restructure took place that led to terminations. After the dust cleared, Dan was left in a division with several changes. Prior to this time, the idea for InVision had been forming. “Was there a way to take what I have learned and teach others,” he thought. “It has to be different from lectures and actually produce sustained change.”

Dan’s search led him to find materials that supported his vision for how people should learn leadership to actually get the outcomes they need. By March, the entity was formed and by September 2005, InVision was off and running.

Over the years Dan kept learning and changing. In 2008, InVision launched an overseas office in Tianjin, China to serve companies that were not only addressing growth issues, but cultural ones. Operations continued for seven years until the decision was made to focus on expansion of a new development model and finding ways to utilize technology to increase human potential.

In 2016, InVision Business Development and Marketing officially changed its name to InVision Development International, IDI for short. With new development tools in place and a greater passion to help companies in transition, IDI continues to help leaders make change happen while creating great places to work. In addition to the transition of InVision, Dan launched IDI Technologies to answer the question, “How do we use technology to expand human potential?” That next phase will be developing mobile technology that improves people’s lives while helping them achieve more. We’re excited for what the future holds. Stay tuned…