All business goes through change.   What matters is how companies and leaders handle that change.  IDI helps leaders address these transition periods to find solutions that help stabilize change, strengthen leadership, maximize value and innovate for future growth.

What transitions do we address?

  • Rapid Sales Growth: Rapid growth comes with its own set of challenges. We can help you position your business for stability during rapid expansion.  Our expertise in process improvement, systems, leadership coaching, hiring, and workplace culture will help put you at ease.
  • Stagnation: What happens when that once growing business stops? We can help leaders uncover new opportunities that can restart the growth engine.
  • High Turnover: Companies are finding it more difficult to hire and retain good talent. IDI works to develop a culture and systems that not only support top talent, but help attract new talent to you. What would it be like to be the employer of choice?  Work with IDI to find out.
  • Succession: Some transitions involve a change in leadership and/or ownership of a business. if you are a business owner and are looking to step down or sell, how do you put your business in the best possible condition to thrive and build value?  IDI has the skills to build strong leadership while allowing you to repurpose your energy for what is next in your life.
  • New Markets: Uncovering new opportunities is a challenge for most businesses. Allow us to help you discover what is next for your company.

Whatever your transition may be, contact us to see how we might be able to help.