There had to be a better way…

When Dan formed Invision Business Development in 2005, he’d been working in the business world for 15 years, helping people become better team members and stronger leaders. Starting as a supervisor, he had worked with everyone from entry level and management to upper management and executives. As he worked his way up the ladder, he discovered his innate talent for coaching people into leadership roles in a way that facilitated increased productivity and profitability.


One of the key things Dan learned was how to encourage people’s ability to balance their creativity against corporate America’s need to standardize, helping them to work outside the box when necessary and fine tune the balance between the two priorities. With intimate knowledge of all levels of the corporate hierarchy, Dan was in a unique position to advise people who wished to advance their careers, as well as executives who needed assistance delegating and leading their teams.

In 2002, Dan was in a supervisory role at Lands’ End during the company’s merger with Sears – a huge change that led to a 30% reduction in staff. During this difficult time, Dan discovered his ability to help companies navigate disruption, with its associated stress and conflict. He began to understand that organizations had more potential than they realized, but squashed it due to lack of communication and follow through and trust. Thus, the seeds of Invision Business Development and Marketing were born. Since the firm’s launch in 2005, Dan has been able to deliver his services and share his expertise more widely, helping executives manage major changes more effectively.

Over the past decade, Dan has helped many businesses that have reached a plateau, providing resources to get them over a hump or obstacle, helping executives to be more effective in leading their companies through strategic growth periods. A key element in his approach is to help executives more fully invest in training and teaching their talent, enabling them to create and maintain quality teams – an essential foundation for growth and profitability.


In 2008, forecasting the increase of overseas business, Dan launched operations in China, where he added the facilitation of language and cultural differences to his suite of offerings, helping a number of Fortune 500 companies manage the myriad challenges involved with expanding their operations there. Recently renamed InVision Development International (IDI), the firm’s current focus is strategic planning with an emphasis on improving people and internal processes.


With new development tools in place and a greater passion to help companies in transition, IDI continues to help leaders make change happen while creating great places to work. In addition to the transition of InVision, Dan recently launched IDI Technologies to answer the question, “How do we use technology to expand human potential?” That next phase will be developing mobile technology that improves people’s lives while helping them achieve more. We’re excited for what the future holds! Stay tuned…