Nobody on their deathbed said they wish they could work more.

If you only have time for work then you may need to rethink things. As we shared with our Vision, “with the will and the right tools, everybody can shine”

You are not born with leadership skills. They are developed over time. While personality may influence some of it, much of what we recognize as high performing traits are the product of the people we are around and those who mentored us. Most business owners are self-made which means they learned through trial and error. For every good habit they picked up, they got their fair share of bad ones. Eventually they become blind to the traits that hold them back.

IDI wants to help you gain your life back. Business can be fun. Work can be enjoyable and not overbearing. People can be your greatest resource vs. your biggest pain. We want to help you define business on your terms and make that a reality. The benefit for you is putting more time where it matters most. This is giving you practical tools and a clearer understanding of self that leads to greater results.

If you want a better create a life by design, contact us to learn more.